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Trilogy by Christian Leave

Christian Leave made his most recent release on December 13th, 2018 in the form of an EP entitled Trilogy which followed the release of his first album in January of the same year. This EP is a great listen with a couple slower songs in the form of Smaller and Understand. Both of which are about wanting a relationship that isn’t going to work and the feeling of unrequited love.

You is a short tune about the uneasiness one feels when falling in love and it sets the melancholic tone for the EP as a whole. The lead single Never has a crisp and recognizable synth sound that not only compliments the EP but many other songs in the indie genre. Some examples include You Say I’m In Love by Banes world or Teenage Blue by Dreamgirl.

The whole EP is about the bittersweetness of leaving home and how it can be difficult yet necessary and Never really epitomizes that feeling. Leave said in an interview that he wrote this EP “sometime around June-Julyish” of 2018 in an Airbnb after moving from his family home in Texas to LA. He wanted these songs to reflect the growing amount of opportunities he had in LA while also conveying how overwhelming it was. I think these songs do a wonderful job of conveying that as the instrumentals can be a lot at times but the songs still have a clear driving force behind them.

Although this EP has good parts to it I don’t think any of the songs have quite the same sort of punch as Heartbreak from Leave’s last album but that’s okay. For this EP the point isn’t to have great stand alone songs that stand out from the rest of the music, the point it to tell one large story. It is evident that this is what Leave intended from the music videos for these four songs which tell a story across all of them. These songs feature synth, as I mentioned previously, but also guitar and some really fun bass lines. The vocals seem raw but still processed and have a foggy feeling to them.

I would recommend Trilogy to fans of Christian Leave’s previous work or fans of the indie genre in general. Recently Leave teased on his twitter the release of two new songs and I can’t wait to hear what he has in store.